The “sobrasada”, a Majorquian delicacy.

This delicious sausage is one of the best-known and iconic items of the Majorquian gastronomy. “Sobrasada”, while made all around the Balearic Islands, its precise location of origin is identified in the label under “Sobrasada de Mallorca“.
The origin of its recipe goes back to the XVII Century when the red pimentos (“pimentón”) witch give its characteristic red color, was first introduced in Europe.
The sobrasada is made with pork meat selected pieces during the “matanza” (slaughter of the pork in the farms). The meat is minced with red pimentos, salt and pepper. Once the mix is ready it is extruded and stuffed in natural guts. Then it is dried (cured) and during the process it ferments, loose some humidity and acquire its characteristic flavor. The curing process allows a shelf life of at least one year.
Is generally eaten toasted in winter and raw in summer over some toasted bread.

Author: Noemi Estrada para Mallorca Realtors