Visit the Sineu Market

Fincas auf Mallorca12nd of November 2012. Sineu is a small locality located in the heart of the Majorcan Island where to discover indescribable settings and hidden treasures as luxury homes in Mallorca. The main charm of this town is its peace and tranquility: located inland, may be a bit far from the coast, but is the perfect location to enjoy old Majorcan style houses, most of them turned into truly hideouts to get away of the real world.

One of the most famous attractions of Sineu is its weekly market, which takes place every Wednesday morning. It is considered the eldest of the island, being established in 1306 by King Jaime II in order to become the epicenter for farmers and livestock breeders’ trade. Nowadays, although it has lost part of its original purpose, it is one of the main touristic attractions of Sineu, as the market is one of the few in the Balearic Islands where to see live animals.

The narrow streets of Sineu are the ideal place to get lost after visiting the Market, with many details that speak about the noble past of the town. There is one construction that stands out among all of them: the Church of Santa Maria, an architectural treasure in Gothic style that was rebuilt after the fire that destroyed it in 1505.