Mallorca, the luxury paradise

Mallorca the luxury paradise27th of August 2012. Another summer holidays, the Balearic Islands are the second most preferred destination by the foreign tourists. So far this year, the archipelago has welcomed almost six million tourists from all nationalities, who are looking in the Mediterranean for a place to rest and enjoy all the pleasures of life.

It´s been years since Mallorca became one of the most preferred holiday destinations for the Spanish, Germans or British, and during August the island receives the largest amount of holidaymakers decided to try what the island has to offer. One of its most popular attractions is its beaches, but its exclusive leisure offer is much wider: marinas, world-class restaurants and the trendiest places.

It is pretty common that once somebody has come for the first time, would like to repeat or even decide to look in the island for its own home to enjoy even more everything that Mallorca has to offer. Searching for luxury homes in Mallorca is more up to the buyer needs and tastes than to the real estate offer in the island, that has become a truly paradise for those who are looking for the most exclusive places and environments.

From country houses to old palaces, including refurbished properties and Mediterranean villas, the biggest of the Balearic Islands is the best option for those buyers looking for the most luxury properties in the most indescribable spots.