Mallorca, German paradise

28th of January 2013. The Balearic Islands is one of the Spanish autonomous communities with more foreigners spending a few days of holidays or living in one of the beautiful islands of the archipelago. In the island of Mallorca there is an Expats group bigger than any other: the German community.

Many Germans travel every year to the island to enjoy a well deserve holidays in the Mediterranean coast, but quite a few others decide to purchase a house in Mallorca to turn the island into their new home. Every year many retired people move to Mallorca looking for good weather and all the possibilities the island has to offer to play sports and enjoy their preferred outdoor activities.

The German upper class that move to the archipelago prefer to buy luxury homes in Mallorca, specifically in areas such as Andraxt, Pollença or Deia. In these villages they enjoy world-class homes with all the imaginable amenities in the warm Majorcan weather and beautiful landscape.

The boom of holiday properties in Mallorca bought by Germans started at the beginning of the nineties and is still ongoing. The difference is that they do not look anymore for a house just to spend long periods of the year, but a dream home in Mallorca.