Happy New Home

14th of January 2013. The new year brings new oportunities to purcharse the dream house in the perfect location: the island of Mallorca. The real estate market starts the new year full of beautiful homes located in the most exclusive spots of the island.

The new year 2013 brings more properties and better offers, being a key year for those looking for buying either new build properties or second hand, first homes or holiday properties. It does not matter which is your dream house, the answer is always in Mallorca. The new year also brings a new range of houses and vilas to satisfy any needs, even from the most demanding buyers: every conceivable amenity and every detail with the highest quality.

Purchasing a luxury home in Mallorca is still a safe bet, both if the buyer’s aim is to enjoy a second property in the paradise of luxury Mallorca offers, or if it is just an investment in the Spanish luxury real estate market. The housing price drop in Spain during the past few years is still ongoing, turning the island and its exclusive properties in great option for those thinking in purchasing a house to enjoy the Mediterranean charm of Mallorca.